Folsom Pain Management Background

Mission Statement

The American Heritage Medical Dictionary defines pain as:

An unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder.

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Our mission, then, is quite simple: to provide effective, compassionate treatment to patients suffering from chronic pain.

The term chronic pain refers to aches and pains which linger beyond what most would consider a 'normal' period of recovery. Any pain that persists beyond four or five weeks (or that begins to interfere with the normal activities of one's life) falls into this category and should be addressed.

We adhere to a single underlying principle when making treatment recommendations, and that is that the guidance offered be the same as that which would be given a family member suffering from a similar condition, remembering that the goal is always to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by our patients.

Folsom Pain Management offers state-of-the-art solutions for addressing persistent pain. Combining current diagnosis and treatment methods with cutting-edge techniques, we strive to deliver the pain-free life you deserve. In line with this, we are dedicated to continually improving our services and keeping up with the latest science, techniques, and procedures. See our conditions and treatments pages for information about common conditions and current treatment options.